Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I wish!

Dining with ZeniuSGaming
 Gambling during my birthday celebration with ZeniuSGaming

Heylo peeps!
In a few minutes gonna be 18th! ^^
Excited max :D

Those picture above is how I celebrate my 18th birthday in advance
Glad to have team mates like them :') *Glad*

Went to watch " From Vegas to Macau"
Wonderful movie 10/10
"Never judge the book with it's cover"  <- This is proven to the movie :x
The advertise of this movie is kinda boring, but after watching move..
Gosh.. this movie totally rule ^^"
Overall, my advance birthday celebration is a great one!
Appreciate the effort and gifts! <3
( Will upload all my gifts photo tgt after my b'day! )

Went to slack with part of my clique!
Love the surprise gift from Qi Ming, Hao Xun & Chuan Jun!
Can't wait for tmr to come!
Cuz we are watching movie and makan (Eat) tgt ^^
Has been really a long time not eating tgt alr :x
Looking forward!

As I am going be 18.
A wish that I would like to share with you guys!
"I wish that everyone can remain happy every single day!"

A new expectation for myself..
"Do well and be even more hardworking"
Has been slacking so much few years back! & I'm old enough to be independent!
Anyway~ I will be study in ITE Simei, accounting :)

Alright! Shall blog till here!
See you guys on my '100th post'
Which is also my next post!

Wanna thank you to peeps who have wish me "Happy Birthday"
Appreciated! ^^
See you soon!

Gosh.. 15 more minutes ><"

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Disappointed ending.

Louis Vuitton @ MBS
Arts @ Singapore Musuem

Hey there! :)
How's your chinese new year?
Hope it's a good one.

While for me, it's supposing to be a good one.
But it end badly.
Why should relatives even compare result?
Yes, I score 30 for my O Level.
You think I want it?
Does my 30 pts tell you that "Oh yea, I have been hoping to score 30"

The answer is obviously no.
It simply hurts me.
My cousin scored 5 distinction.
But to be seriously, is there a need for my mummy to even repeat what they say earlier on?

Why can't you put yourself in my shoes?
Only son in the family, yes.
Do I look like a son where I will not be responsible to take care of you..
No matter how lousy I am. I will definitely not put you guys a side..

I'm really hurt this time round..
Why do you have to make me drop my tears during new year.. why..